Walker Marketing is an award-winning, Charlotte, NC-area advertising agency specializing in public relations and digital marketing services in the home care and health care, senior living and economic development and tourism categories.

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The evolution of social media has radically changed communications and digital marketing as you know it. It is no longer enough for a business to merely have a web presence – customers expect to engage in conversations with brands online.

Walker Marketing understands the role social media has as part of the marketing mix. In addition to enhancing your image as an innovative, forward-thinking company, these tools can add value, create preference, improve brand loyalty and open a more personal dialogue between a company and their customers. Our social media experts will leverage social media technology to help you gauge consumer sentiment and turn your customers into true brand ambassadors. Keeping your ear to the ground and establishing an online reputation and presence has become an important part of consumer engagement, and we are committed to making this technology work for you.