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What’s in a Name? Wellness Programs Around the Country

By Walker Marketing | December 1, 2016
Senior couple doing yoga

What’s in a name? If you’re hoping to use your wellness program to attract prospective residents to your senior living community, the right name can significantly enhance your efforts.

Active seniors will scour your website and collateral materials for references to wellness. Broaching the topic without a strong branding element may or may not appeal to your prospects. And if you don’t mention wellness at all, you’ve probably lost those active and health-minded folks.

But what if you provide your prospects with thorough information about a program that has its own appealing brand personality? By creating a unique name and other branding elements for wellness efforts at your community, you merge science with psychology in what Forbes has referred to as a “promise mark.”

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5 Ways to Influence Adult Children

By Walker Marketing | November 28, 2016
Father and son viewing tablet

If you’re speaking with seniors on a regular basis, you know that adult children often play a major role in determining when — and even if — Mom and Dad move into a community. In some cases, adult children are in favor of a move. They want what’s best for their parents and will encourage them to move to a senior living community while they’re still young and healthy enough to enjoy the many amenities and activities.

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Planning Events to Maximize ROI

By Walker Marketing | November 21, 2016
Grannies wearing crazy sunglasses

Every senior living marketing representative knows the importance of persuading prospective residents to visit their community. Few of us would make a move sight unseen, and for seniors considering such a major life change, seeing often is believing.

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How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews and Comments

By Walker Marketing | October 17, 2016
Reputation Management: How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews and Comments.

In our increasingly mobile and connected world, online reviews play an unprecedented role in influencing buying behavior. In fact, nearly 90 percent of consumers say an online review has swayed a purchasing decision. For businesses, the power of online reviews cuts both ways. Positive reviews can act as a boon, creating a groundswell of customer…

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Marketing Is the Bridge that Connects You with Your Prospects

By Walker Marketing | October 10, 2016
Marketing Is the Bridge that Connects You with Your Prospects

How do you connect with your prospects? In most communities, members of the sales team call prospective customers and schedule appointments on a regular basis. If you have a marketing program in place, you’re likely connecting with your prospects in dozens of additional ways every day. Conceived and executed correctly, the various components of your…

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Full-Funnel Marketing – It Works!

By Walker Marketing | October 3, 2016
Full Funnel Marketing – It Works!

To maintain an optimal occupancy level, you probably coach your team to keep their sales funnel in mind. But have you considered going full-funnel? The modern concept of “full-funnel marketing” gives a turbo boost to the traditional sales funnel model of selling. The technique helps you spend your online marketing budget strategically — focusing on…

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Why FRESH Content Is King on Your Website

By Walker Marketing | September 12, 2016
Content is King

New websites always come with the best intentions.

But as a website ages from brand-spanking new to weeks, months and years old, hopeful notions of frequently adding new content may fall by the wayside. In the beginning, maybe the updates are daily. Weekly updates then stretch to monthly, and suddenly, the “latest news” is staler than the last bagel at a staff meeting.

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Using PR to Tell Your Community Story in a Compelling Way

By Walker Marketing | September 5, 2016
Public Relations

What’s your story? If you don’t know, then it’s time to take a look at how public relations — both earned and owned — can help you get your message out in a compelling way. Why Do You Need a Story? Public relations can differ from purchased media like advertising in a significant way: You…

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Leveraging Community Partnerships

By Walker Marketing | August 29, 2016
Community partnerships.

For most senior living communities, serving the greater good in the local area is part of the mission. Communities often help local nonprofits in a variety of ways, from cash donations to use of space to providing volunteers for events. And nonprofit organizations often are willing — and even eager — to help get the…

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Partnering with Real Estate Agents for Independent Living Referrals

By Walker Marketing | August 8, 2016
Home for sale.

It’s no secret that most seniors need to sell their homes to finance a move to Independent Living — and that a senior who’s putting her home on the market may be a prime candidate for a move to your community.

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